Corporate evenings

Whether it’s for a summer evening, an end-of-year party, a product launch, an inauguration, or a birthday, we create unique concepts to make your evenings stand out.

  • Searching for an unusual location
  • Creating an event with a unique, tailor-made theme and decor
  • Thoughtful scenography
  • Custom-designed furniture for each setting
  • Planning surprising and memorable entertainment
  • Offering catering that suits your needs

Every detail is carefully considered to make your event coherent, original, and unforgettable.

Avenue International

Examples of Themed Decoration

1001 Nuits

On our flying carpet, travel and discover a world of exoticism and mystery…
In a captivating atmosphere rich in colors, Berber tents, fabrics and carpets cover the walls and floors. The twinkling lanterns diffuse a subdued light which adds this intimate touch. Percussionists play traditional instruments creating an intoxicating melody that invites you to lose yourself in the rhythms and harmonies. The elegant movements of the dancers dressed in colorful silk capture the attention of the room.
It’s now the fakir’s turn to perform with swords, fire or pieces of glass, a real performance that will leave you on the spot!
Under one of the tents, relax while discovering the traditional mint tea service or enjoy the hookah bar. Experience a henna tattoo or a fortune teller, which can also be part of your evening’s entertainment. Feast on typical dishes in sparkling silver dishes for a total immersion in oriental culture.

The Fabulous Fifties

The Fifties and their retro atmosphere where music, fashion and cultures are changing: Imagine! The streets lined with vintage cars with chrome bodies, the guests treading the black and white checkerboard floor of this American dinner with red leather banquettes, chrome tables and colorful neon lights. The walls and ceilings are decorated with vinyl and silver curtains creating this electric and festive atmosphere.

The jukebox plays Chuck Berry with Johnny B. Goode, the energy is contagious and guests are invited to learn about rock with our dancers.

Polka dot dresses and headbands, biker jackets and jeans, voluminous hairstyles and vintage glasses: the perfect look to complete the decor.

The Roaring Twenties

Avenue International - Soiree 20s

The 1920s are also known as the Roaring Twenties. The atmosphere is marked by a certain joie de vivre and contagious extravagance. Discover the world of burlesque cabarets, jazz clubs and clandestine speakeasies through our realistic decor elements in the art deco style, mixing black and gold.

In majestic Medici vases, orchids take their place and large candlesticks, imposing ostrich feathers, giant chandeliers with a thousand tassels and pearls sublimate the space.

Let’s start your event with the atypical service of a champagne aperitif, then for entertainment, enjoy a cabaret show orchestrated by an amazing master of ceremonies, pass through the hands of an authentic shoe shiner and finally leave with a original souvenir from our vintage photo studio.


Avenue International - Soiree Steampunk

As Douglas Fetherling so eloquently puts it, “Steampunk is a genre that imagines how different the past might have been if the future had arrived sooner. »…

Welcome to this retrofuturistic Victorian era where steam technology and mechanical engineering reign. You are greeted by actors in period outfits – corsets, tail jackets and top hats – modernized with mechanical elements with visible gears. Pocket watches, steam guns, protective glasses are essential accessories.

Accentuated in an industrial environment, our decors are designed to recreate this exciting cultural movement, with elements of copper, brass and wood but above all gears and mechanical cogs, available on the walls, on the ceiling and even in the decoration of the rooms. tables.

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